Well almost end of January and here in Auckland we are scorching although some rain has fallen on most of us. hopwfully you have your garden soild well covered with ground covers/mulch/compost or a mixture of all 3.

Remember the golden rule when watering "a deep soak once a week is far far better than a lazy spray once a day"

I also recommend a rain gauge cos you may think the rain has been pelting down when in fact littl more than 5 - 10 mm have fallen and in my opinion, less than 25 mm ( 1inch for oldies like me) unless soil is still moist about 7 cm down ( about 3 inches) it does more harm than good just bringing thirsty roots up to the surface. If you dont have a rain gauge then dig down to see.

Sweet corn, beans and cougettes shoud be in abundance and there is still time to put another small crop in ( dwarf beans) lettuces and rocket need shade.

Catch you again with more tips aand hints

pru the organic oracle